SASAD - We were at SASAD Booth at IDEF-2023

SASAD: A Pioneering, Strong and Innovative Non-Governmental Organization

Established in 1989 by 12 Industrialists working in the sector with the encouragement and support of the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Türkiye, the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) started to represent the civil aviation industry, following the developments in 2012. With the mission of contributing to the development and strengthening of the industry since the day it was established, SASAD has been aiming to contribute to the development of companies and organizations that carry out and/or started their operations to carry out manufacturing, design, engineering, logistics support and training activities in areas such as defence, aviation, space, and domestic security, their competitiveness in international markets, perform activities with the purpose of realizing the common goals of their members, deal with their problems collectively, ensure cooperation, solidarity, and information flow among their members.

As SASAD, which hosts more than 250 manufacturing companies and establishments and 6 clusters, we are accelerating our efforts to support the achievements in the industry in line with our role as the umbrella organization of the defence and aerospace industry in our country. We support our members operating in the industry with the purpose of increasing their competence and abilities through the studies we have developed under our association or in which we are involved as a project partner, and we keep representing our industry at domestic and international levels. This may be perceived as a significant sign of how national and international events contribute to us in terms of promoting our country.

SASAD also represents our country in the Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and contributes to the shaping of the European Commission through the opinions and suggestions of the industry via this organization. Our Association helps its members to expand to the international arena through the protocols signed with similar organizations of other countries.

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