Countdown Continues for "SEDEC 2024", the First and Only Address of Homeland Security in Turkey

“Right people, right work in a short time!”

Turkey's first and only Homeland Security Fair "SEDEC" 2024 is preparing to be an important platform for Turkish Companies to take part in meeting the Homeland Security and Border Security Needs in the World.

T.R. At SEDEC 2024, which will be held at Ankara Congresium between 21-23 May 2024, with the support of the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Defense and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association (SSI), demand authorities, end users and purchasing delegations from many countries will attend Ankara, the heart of the industry. He will also meet with Turkish industrialists.

SEDEC 2024, where participants, delegations and delegations from more than 50 countries are expected to take part, will also include those in need who provide security and defense services of our country; High-ranking officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its affiliates, the General Command of Gendarmerie, the General Directorate of Security, the Coast Guard Command, the Ministry of National Defense and its affiliates, the Land, Naval and Air Force Commands, the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and the National Intelligence Organization will attend.

During the three-day fair, conferences and panels covering homeland-border-internal security and supply chain issues will be held by industry professionals, while participants will also have the right to participate in seminars, workshops and B2B/B2G meetings that continue throughout the event. Within the scope of pre-planned bilateral business meetings (B2B & B2G), foreign original equipment manufacturers and their first and second level suppliers will meet with Turkish security and defense industry companies.

Visitors and guests registered to the sector will be able to visit the stands of the participants and see the capabilities of the companies and the opportunities offered by technology. The capabilities and solutions of Turkish Main Contractor companies, especially SMEs, will be introduced more closely to foreign guests.

The Priority of the World's Countries is "Homeland Security"

The destruction caused by regional wars and conflicts in the geography we live in and in various parts of the world has resulted in the displacement of people, causing millions of people to live in irregular conditions.

leads to migration. In the chaos environment created by irregular migration, many interconnected threats such as illegal human & drug trafficking, terrorism and the resulting economic losses threaten both the border and homeland security of countries and their resources. As countries' border, border and homeland security needs increase significantly, the need for intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance systems and artificial intelligence-based security applications increases even more.

From the Security of Air, Sea and Land Transportation to the Security of Critical Facilities and Factories, from the Cyber Security of Government Institutions to the Security of the Health System, from the Security of Natural and Wild Life to the Protection of Aboveground and Underground Riches, etc. Homeland Security, which includes many issues, creates a market worth 600 billion dollars worldwide today. According to research, it is expected that this market will grow by 5%-6% every year and reach the trillion dollar level in the 2030s.

Turkish Defense Industry, which broke a new record with an export figure of 5.5 billion dollars in 2023, continues its intensive development and production infrastructure activities to increase this figure even higher in the coming years. In this context, it should be an important goal for Turkey to gain a significant share from this market, which is showing significant growth.

SEDEC Committee Chairman Hilal UNAL pointed out that there are important opportunities for Turkish companies in Homeland Security exports:

“With the conflicts and wars in our region and especially in its geography, we see that countries have significantly increased both their homeland security and defense resources. With the uncertainty and destructiveness of when the Palestine-Israel and Russia-Ukraine wars will end, many countries began to allocate serious resources to protect borders, borders and homeland security. Today, we see that many European countries have joined the conjuncture in which Middle Eastern, Asian and Pacific countries have begun to increase their security and defense budgets. "In the security and defense supply chain, it should now be a target for all Turkish companies, from our Main Contractor companies that produce competitive technology with their production infrastructure, design and design capabilities, to SMEs and our sub-industry, to get the maximum share from these budgets." he said.

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